Our heavy-duty rotator service can tow motorhomes, semi-trucks, big rigs, commercial vehicles, and many more. We will take full responsibility for getting your vehicles from point A to point B quickly and safely.

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Recovering Vehicles from Freeways


A rotator tow truck is one of the heaviest and largest tow trucks. Because of their massive size and heavyweight, rotator tow trucks are often used in accidents that involve heavy vehicles like large trucks and trailers.

That said, if you need heavy-duty towing services, a heavy-duty rotator tow truck is your best bet. Below are some of the scenarios where opting for heavy-duty rotator tow truck services makes perfect sense.

Recovering Vehicles from Freeways

Accidents on freeways happen often. Accident recoveries on freeways will often require shutting down various lanes of traffic or the entire freeway so tow trucks can do their jobs.

In a similar scenario, using a rotator tow truck is ideal. Rotator tow trucks will only require a small area to winch equipment or vehicles back to the road safely and efficiently.

When needed, the boom of the rotator tow truck can also be turned. In addition, rotator tow trucks typically work parallel to the wreck. This results in more open lanes of the freeway.

Towing Vehicles from an Embankment or Ditch

Heavy rainfalls and other nasty weather conditions can often cause accidents. Also, when freeways and highways get fully covered with ice during winter, driving becomes extra challenging. This often leads to accidents as well.

At times, vehicles can end up in ditches. Towing them back to the road safely can be very difficult. Fortunately, this is where rotator tow trucks can come in handy.

The arm of a rotator tow truck can extend to a height of nearly 30 feet and rotate 360 degrees. Undoubtedly, rotator tow trucks can tow vehicles from hard-to-reach places very easily.


We are the best and preferred Arizona towing company and with good reason. Our team of professionals can easily handle any type of complex vehicle recovery or heavy-duty towing. Aside from our phenomenal team, we also have a fleet of specialized and heavy-duty towing vehicles. Our fleet is also highly maintained and growing!

We are based in Casa Grande, Arizona, but we provide heavy-duty rotator services across the entire state. Give us a call today and enjoy safe, reliable, and cutting-edge service you can't find anywhere else!

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